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Welcome to Rehoboth Industries

   India, the land of unity in diversity, has a rich cuisine dating back to 6500 BCE. Regarded as the "land of spices", she is well known for her rich, aromatic, and healthy spices. Spices are the most important part in every cuisine right from the smooth Kashmiri in the North to the intense Chettinad in the South. Although different regions use a myriad of spices, one spice has a special place in almost all of it: Asafoetida, fondly referred to as Hing. It is widely regarded as "Queen of Spices" as it not only enhances dramatically the food's flavour profile and taste but also serves as a digestive aid for humans.

   With years of innovation and manufacturing under our belt, we can proudly say that G.D.'s Asafoetida is one notch over the others. We promote and market the product under the name of G.D. Asafoetida, in both cake and powder form. We take great pride in saying that G.D. Asafoetida is the most preferred brand of asafoetida for the women across the southern states. We, at Rehoboth Industries, India’s leading spice manufacturer, have been known for supplying quality products (like Hing, Turmeric) since its inception through innovation in the quality of the product, quality of the process, and positioning.

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  • To afford graduation and conventual of our G.D Spices to every corner of the world.
  • To secure an uninterrupted supply of Authentic, Natural, and Food safe spices to the whole of India and the World.


  • If cuisine is an art, we want our G.D Spices to be the paint that is an integral part of that art.
  • To satisfy and delight the consumers.
  • Committed to continual improvement and making a difference every day to be the best.

What Is Asafoetida?

     Asafoetida is a culinary herb that is derived from the dried latex (gum-like substance) that exudes from the roots of the rhizome plant, Ferula. Also known as Hing in India, it has a foul/pungent smell and has been an integral part of the culture in the country.

     This plant is a native of the Central and South Asian countries notably Iran and Afghanistan. Its widespread use and cultivation is prevalent in and near the Indian Sub-continent.

     The herbal dried extract is used and promoted as an edible spice as it has the capability to offer a smooth texture to curries and soups.

Benefits of asafoetida

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-asthmatic
  • Anti-depressant
  • Skin whitening
  • Treats allergies and corns
  • Hair conditioning
  • Increases metabolism