About Us

Our History

Mr. Rajasingh – Our Proprietor

     Established in the year of 2000, Rehoboth Industries is the passion of Mr. D. Rajasingh, the man who anticipated the need for creating a healthy food trend in the emerging southern markets. Being a passionate foodie and a shrewd businessman, he witnessed the increasing dependence on artificial preservatives and color in the food industry. He then decided to take up matters into his own hands and created his own line of product variants: free from preservatives and unwanted additives. Rehoboth Industries is the brainchild of that endevour. In the process,  Rehoboth Industries helped pave the way for a new trend in the industry, by propelling a positive change through its healthy product line. It manufactures and markets its products, in both cake and powder form, under the banner of G.D Asafoetida, which has transformed into the most preferred asafoetida brand among women across the southern states.

     Inspired to give the best and healthiest traditional life among people, “Goodness Delivered” was adopted as the motto of G.D. And within a short period of time, G.D. Asafoetida has become the top spice manufacturer in India. It was possible only because of the brand working hard at achieving its motto: Goodness Delivered. We analyse the consumer needs & wants and develop a healthy product, which is then launched in the market.

    Creating a family-like environment in office space is the magic for the continued improvement in the standards of manufacturing at G.D.

    We evaluate the comments/suggestions/feedback from consumers and apply them to the product routinely to ensure our products are at the best possible standards.

Mr. Wesley Daniel – Managing Director

     Rehoboth Industries was the Vision and Mission of Mr.Wesley Daniel – An energetic and enthusiastic person who planned to enhance G.D Asafoetida. He developed the traditional products in an innovative way, using modern inventories to manufacture and supply hygienic food products to consumers.

     “Life is not just Living, But Living with Good Health”.

     Sprinkling a small amount of G.D Asafoetida not only promotes the taste of food but also increases its medicinal value.

     He undertakes plans to estimate the need for G.D Asafoetida around the world and formulates strategies for Rehoboth Industries to export G.D products to every corner of the world.

     Nowadays, G.D is an essential product in every kitchen. It creates magic in fractions of a second. Literature, research articles, and testimonials of consumers show the medicinal benefits of asafoetida. Mr. Daniel studies and defines customer expectations and creates a plan of action for the manufacturing of valuable products. Exporting of G.D’s products will show the value of Indian traditional cuisines and thereby attaining valuable consumers around the world.

Our Products

If cuisine is an art, we want our G.D Spices to be the paint that is an integral part of that art.

Rehoboth Industries follows stringent hygiene standards right from raw material purchase to product manufacturing to ensure that only the top quality of the product reaches the market. G.D introduced the combo offer, free pet jar, free designer jar, free steel cap jar…etc. and we are the only one offering different quantities in asafoetida pack. The barcoding system is implemented in the industry and it helps in internal quality verification. G.D frequently introduces offers for consumer satisfaction.

Our production and packaging unit was designed by renowned experts in the FMCG industry with a scope of futuristic expansion. G.D follows the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in the production and packaging unit. Every raw product is pre-checked and analyzed before processing. Only when the quality team approves the raw material, production starts. Before packaging the product, quality is verified by the analysts. Packaging machinery is cleaned and is routinely maintained by a team of technicians. FMCG experts conduct GMP, GDP, and packaging procedure classes every month in order to enhance the quality of the product and prevent cross-contamination. Very strict SOPs are followed in the premises to avoid human & machine error. Fully automated machines are used in Rehoboth Industries and every batch of our product is subjected to necessary tests before packaging to meet the quality and credibility parameters.

     Our production unit is a sprawling area in Porur, Chennai, equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Production unit comprises a laboratory for testing and quality controls. G.D implemented the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system in Rehoboth Industries to ensure identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards. Maintenance of our modern machinery is routinely manned by qualified technical leaders in each of our drying, roasting, grinding, blending and packaging units are manned by qualified technical leaders. We continuously analyze the hazards in production and are swiftly removed from SOPs to control the critical limit. Separate maintenance is provided for raw material storage, production & packaging units. Packaged products are sealed and manufactured dates are updated consistently to ensure G.D delivers quality products in the market.

     Packaging plays a critical role in ensuring product quality and storage. G.D Asafoetida is packaged by latest and fully automated machinery. We leave no room for cross-contamination and human errors. We adhere to the packaging requirements (Packing material marking, letter size & color) as stipulated by the government bodies and all our packaging is done using plastics recommended by governmental agencies and stay consistent with the environmental protection laws. Rehoboth Industries offer free jars that are under the biodegradable limit and we ensure our packaging printing is too.

G.D package the products in cotton boxes, jars, and bottles.

  • Plastic is made from the virgin product.
  • It is of high quality so that the products stored are not easily prone to spoilage.
  • Biodegradable, therefore no harm to the environment.
  • It is highly resistant to moisture.
  • It is reliable, sturdy and useful for storage in homes.

     Quality is not a luxury term in the food industry, but it is one of the most basic requirements of every FMCG company. G.D takes this commitment to the core and has implemented stringent measures in their Processing, Packaging, and Distribution sections.

    Rehoboth Industry has the accreditation of  FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India),  ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management system)BMQR (Breakthrough Management Quality Registrar), and has been certified with the ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Quality Management System).

The consumers also credit G.D products as the best in the international market.

Awards and accolades are a part of our successful company and to name a few,

     The Swiss Cert, world-renowned quality assurance organization bestowed Rehoboth Industries with ISO 9001:2008 certificate. The company has also been awarded the NSIC -D&B-SMERA performance & credit rating.

     Mr. Rajasingh received the “Fastest growing industrial excellence award” given by the Indian Organization for Commerce.

     Rehoboth Industries received the MSME (Micro Scale Medium Enterprises) best performance award.

     Rehoboth Industries has a strong distributor presence in South India. The team has done extensive research and has carefully chosen the network to serve its consumers with its high-quality food products promptly.